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About Avans+

Avans+ improves personal and organisational performances 

Measure your professional powers and that of others. Explore the boundaries together with your team mates. Continue improving your performances. Maximise your abilities and that of your team to eventually achieve targets. Avans+ supports and coaches people and organisations in development.

Our philosophy is founded on the realisation of synergy between the energy and the level of ambition of man and organisation. Employees are compelled to perform better if they are moved by and feel a sense of involvement in what is happening round them. Conversely, organisations can also perform better, provided they have knowledge of the specific requirements of their environment and customers, so that they can gear these to their employees' aspirations. We see the creation of this collective ambition as the success factor to organisational development. Through this interaction an excellent learning climate is created, facilitating the grounds for realising your organisation's objectives.